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    • House of Miniatures
      By aussieguy84
      Hi everyone,
      I'm looking to purchase the 40051 Cupboard Top Kit. I've been scouting eBay for some time and nothing. Does anyone have one which they are willing to part with? 

    • 1" Scale Hinge Help
      By maddcatter
      Hey all!
      I recently acquired a collection of Xacto House of Miniatures 1" scale kits. I've been putting together the dower chest, and am down to the last little bit. Unfortunately, it seems one of the hinges is defective, and won't close all the way. I've done a good bit of googling in an attempt to replace it, but most 1" scale hinges seem to be 10mm, but these hinges are more like 6mm. Any suggestions?
    • Furniture Kits
      By Mary S.
      I have found several of these kits on Ebay and wondering how many use furniture kits or bash them or use them a patterns for other pieces. I purchased the Chippendale curved front chest, 5 drawer chest, lyre back chairs, chaise lounge, mirror (damaged, partly assembled when purchased) and the hall table. Only have completed the curved front chest. Made another chest using the top of the five drawer chest as a pattern to make a smaller one using mat board
    • clock1.jpg
      By kathi17
      The HOM Simon Willard Tall Case Clock. I made this for my granddaughter as well. The door really does close tightly, but I didn't pay attention to the fact that is was partly open when I took the picture.
    • halfscale laser Cut furniture By Greenleaf
      By Gleise
      halfscale laser cut furniture by Greenleaf... 'Cause my sister is BADASS!