Fairfield, McKinley, Garfield - Between Santa Fe and Albuquerque

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I have two partial kits-Fairfield and McKinley-free. I also have a Garfield that has been started. Whoever started it has done a beautiful job so far.all the punched out parts are bagged and labeled. Not really shippable,but willing to meet people part way (located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque). Want a totally reasonable amount. Mostly want it to move on. Contact me for pictures,as I don't seem to upload pics.

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Thanks for offering these kits for free! I'm going to edit the title of your post to make it more descriptive.

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@fov if the title needs changing please do. I want a small amount for the third kit. Does that create a problem? It just has beautiful work,and etched glass. 

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Yes, that's fine! Anyone who's interested can contact you by private message and you can discuss price there.

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      So, half-scale furniture.  What's out there for purchase is getting limited as manufacturers close down or discontinue production.  What I see for sale is overly ornate, not the style I want, or too niche.  I could be wrong, but I think most of us are building houses, not shops or dentist offices.
      Some of you have the skill to make your own furniture.  I built a passable corner cabinet, but my crafting skills aren't that great and I have very limited tools.
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      The foundation is done. It wasn't easy(for me) but it turned out good. I dry fitted a couple of walls because I was anxious to see how big it was going to be.
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      Hello everyone! 
      I have taken the liberty of sharing my Layered PSD Photoshop file of the Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse. I created this file to help my wife choose the colors that she wanted for the outside of the house.
      Photoshop File: You can download the Photoshop file at: http://www.caddisart.com/fairfield?utm_source=LinkToCAIFairfield&utm_medium=LinkToCAIFairfield&utm_campaign=LinkToCAIFairfield
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      PS - this page wouldn't let me upload the 157K cover photo of the project even though it says I can upload a 500K image. Something broken here. 
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      Well my house finally arrived. I have mixed feelings. lol The Garfield is a beautiful house but I do not like the wood. I built my first Greenleaf house 15 years ago I think. Since then I've only built the MDF houses. I have to change my whole way of thinking through this. I will definitely follow the directions. They are hard to understand though. I found Ginas(More Minis) blog and it is sooooo helpful. Thank you Gina! With my mdf houses I always prime the inside walls with paint so the bare wood won't suck up my wallpaper paste. I will do the same with these. My question is about this wood warping. Should I prime before I put the walls up or will it be ok to put the walls up and then prime them. Will they warp while standing. MDF doesn't warp so I never had to worry about that.
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      Hi! I’ve been lurking a while but think I’m ready to commit now. ;) I haven’t built a dollhouse before but have done a lot of diorama building in 1/6 scale. I didn’t *intend* to build a dollhouse, but a few weeks back I was randomly googling around and saw someone’s Fairfield build and instantly knew it was the right house for me. I don’t think I can post pictures yet so I’ve started an album at my Flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144333381@N04/albums/72157711471679943. Just a few pics now of my dry assemble. It’s probably going to be a while before any real construction starts as I am waiting for supplies and designing things. I have some structural changes I want to make and have a little more “how to” knowledge to gain before I tackle it. Until I have a good plan laid out I will probably hold off starting anything too involved.

      Thanks to all of you amazing people for your extensive posts/discussions – I have learned SO MUCH already from the experiences of others who have gone before me!

      - Melissa -