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Hello Everyone!

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Good morning, not sure I am putting this in the right place or the right way but here goes. I got addicted to minis eons ago drooling over pictures in a Miles Kimball catalog. My dad finally built me a little shadow box thinking that would cure me not! That was followed by a Pepperwood Farm. I have 4 'completed' (nothing is ever really finished is it?) and several Greenleaf kits that will be bashed one day into a village. 

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Welcome Lisa :wave:

I would love to see your Pepperwood Farmhouse. After 5 posts you can start a gallery/album.

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Welcome to the little family, Lisa.  You're in good company.

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Thank you for the warm welcomes! I will definitely put pictures up of Pepperwood. It's next on my schedule of restoration projects so helpful hints will definitely be welcome. All the hideous paper I picked as a teenager is gone but the orange floors will need refinishing. Daddy told me not to use polyurethane!

The weight of my PW terrifies me. I don't want it to fall and break obviously but I also have cats that hang out all over my houses. My dad had made a rather substantial wooden table with 4 inch square legs which was fine when it was out back in the Handi house. Doesn't work so well in my RL living room & not sure I trust those legs anymore. PW is currently sitting on its table top with the legs removed on the floor but that's not a good working height. I figure it weighs about 150 lb??? It's made of fir plywood. I've been looking at some of those steel shelving units they sell at the big box stores. I need room for the barn and the Farm Stand and the windmill etc etc to sit alongside too. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for the welcoming messages! Glad to be part of the mini family! 

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