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    • Travel Trailer Screen Door
      By WBrownIV
      Next on the list was the screen door. I wasn't going to have one but every photo I came across showed one. Okay. The challenge came to finding scale screen material. Brae had shared what she used for her screen door but I could not find it locally. I hunted everywhere. Luckily at Michaels the associate showed me Tulle. It looked good to me!  I made two frames and sandwiched the Tulle between them. Then painted aluminum. It didn't turn out half bad. 
    • Light test
      By WBrownIV
      Here I have them lit. I really like how they look. I have two amber lights for the front markers. I can finally check these off my to do list!
    • Clearance Lights for the Travel Trailer
      By WBrownIV
      The next order of business to come up with some clearance lights. Using 1/4" styrene  tube I cut some small sections and profiled them to the contour of the curving roof line, drilled holes for the led's and epoxied them in place.
    • Painted Window Frames
      By WBrownIV
      Here is the final result after airbrushing the frames with Tester's Model Master Aluminum paint. 
    • Removing imperfections on Frame
      By WBrownIV
      You may find that after sanding the Bondic there may be some slight imperfections on the frame. I used a long standing secret among plastic model builders.........Pledge Floor Gloss (formally know as Future Floor Shine). Among its many uses it to render clear plastic (such as model airplane canopies) crystal clear, act as a clear coat on model car bodies and can simulate glass lenses on aircraft instruments. Dipping the frames into the Pledge a few times produces a smooth, clear acrylic coating that looks great once painted.