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English Ivy

Little English Ivy is helping me figure out my room box layout! The room box is a gift for the lady who sold me my Duracraft Farmhouse. I felt that the little mugs with all of her family members' names on them should be returned to her. But I figured she was being practical when she included them with the dollhouse. So I figured I would give her a way to display and keep them safe (they are on the etegere behind Ivy). I'll post pictures when I get it all done.

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I think that is a wonderful idea for returning the mugs in a way she can appreciate them. I love your little Ivy and her little dog. Those are great shoes Ivy is wearing.

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I am so in love with these little dolls! And most of them are under $40 so it's been hard not to get a ton of them! But their little clothes are too fun!

I really hope the lady likes the room box because I've spent more on it than what I paid her for the dollhouse!! :-P

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