Oxy-acetylene torch in progress

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Oxy-acetylene torch in progress

I've started working on the 1:12 scale Tamiya tool set. I might not make everything in the box, mainly because I already have better examples of these tools in metal and wood. The first bit of business is to remove the pieces from the sprue then sand or fill the imperfections.


Many of the pieces are assembled with glue, so I've done my best to fill in the joins. I won't know how successful I've been until after I spray on the primer. They are obviously visible, but they feel smooth and might disappear under the primer. I'll likely age these pieces, so that will give me some flexibility.


Depending on how the cart for the oxy-acetylene torch turns out, I might remake it in metal for better realism and weight. I plan to paint the wheels separately, so they are not attached to the cart yet.

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