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My grandson is here for two weeks, leaving tomorrow. We stopped at a garage sale and he found this house. It was $10.00. He asked if I could fix it for his Missouri house playroom (my house)
I made him a tiny house for his and his brothers house a few years ago.


It is chock full of salvageable lights, so more than worth the ten dollars, but also, my grandson has autism and was completely nonverbal a few years ago, so when he asks for something, and tells me how he imagines it, well, we are very happy to follow thru.


So, he and his younger brother will be back in 4 weeks, so - my next project - and I need to make it fast!


I pick up plastic furniture, etc, for them to play with anyway, so I have a start. I'm going for bright and fun.

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Wow what a great project. I'd be right on that one!!

Good luck with this. Be anxious to see how it comes together and how it is received.

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