Roland Sneakypants

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Roland Sneakypants

There are numerous animals on display.  Most are artisan pieces I've collected over the years.  I made tiny dioramas for them,
though the animals are not glued in place.  I used leftover scenery materials on top of driftwood pieces.  Some bases were cut down
and sanded to better fit the size of the animal while others were left as is from the bag.

No animals were harmed in the making of this build.  In fact, they all had great fun seeing who could stay still the longest.  
Roland kept making his holy crap, I think I've been stuffed jokes and making this face, which caused an onslaught of giggling among
the rest.  Silly animals! :D 

Roland is by Steve Panner


© brae oktober

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Ye Olde Taxidermist - Creatin' Contest 2016

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Or maybe he's just keeping very, very still........If you move your head very slowly from side to side his eyes follow you!

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