Vintage farm

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Vintage farm

I've made a burrowing owl, chicks, hens and fish, but I've always left the more complex animals to the artisans.  I have wanted to add a 1:12 scale horse to my collection awhile now, and I am finally making some time for it.

I'll be starting with a 1:12 scale Breyer Thoroughbred.  Adding flocking or fur adds bulk, so I thought I would start with the leanest horse model available.  My plan is to remove the plastic tail and molded mane to add mohair instead.  I'll also fur or flock the body.  This entire process has the keen ability to end in disaster anywhere along the line, but the materials are all relatively inexpensive so therefore worth the effort even if I end up having to trash one model to get to the better, final result.

Baslow Ranch works well for a backdrop as needed.


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