Mail wagon initial dry fit

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Mail wagon initial dry fit

Here is the initial dry fit of the mail wagon.  To say the instructions are lacking is an understatement.  You are given a blueprint drawing and a typed list of instructions.  There are no photos or diagrams of the steps, and the kit photo is minuscule and not at all detailed.

I blundered my way through a dry fit, and one piece still made no sense and didn't seem to fit properly.  But, it does give me a good basis for size and how far away the wheels are supposed to be from the passenger compartment.  It's a very simplistic kit, so you know me...I'll probably end up building most of it from scratch and using this as only a guide.

The wheels are incredibly detailed in their assembly, much like the real deal.  If I can get them to work, the wheels alone will be worth having bought the kit.

But the chassis is merely two wood blocks.  The front wheels will turn, but the lack of detail is disappointing.  I'm checking some other sources for ideas.  Plus, I'm planning a trip to a local museum that has carriages for in-person study and better photographs.


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