Old desk from Chrysnbon kitchen hutch kit, in progress

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Old desk from Chrysnbon kitchen hutch kit, in progress

In a large group of magazines gifted to me recently, there are numerous articles on how to make more from a kit than what is presented in the instructions.  I've modified kits before, but some of these are truly remarkable and have opened my eyes to even greater possibilities.

I bought a Chrysnbon kitchen hutch kit since I had just discovered a modification perfect for an old post office.  In the November 2000 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, there are instructions for converting this hutch into a desk.  I think the vintage style is perfect.

I went my own direction using the magazine instructions as a general guide.  Since I didn't care about making anything in particular from the leftovers, I used the spare parts as needed.  It simplified things for me and worked out just as well.  Next up, finishing and hardware.



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