These are the supplies and tools I used.

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These are the supplies and tools I used.

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Making a Christmas Wreath

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You will need:

A charm. I bought mine at a dollar store. They came in packs, for attaching to wine glasses.

A sharp pair of scissors (for cutting the ribbon and floss).

A pair of pliers (for cutting the wired greenery, and also removing the charm from the wire circle it's attached to).

Red and green embroidery floss.

1 inch plastic circle. You can usually find these in dollar stores, or fabric departments.

Fast grab glue.

Red ribbon (not pictured here).

Red and silver holeless glass beads. I got these at Dollarama. Michaels also carries them (scrapbooking area).

A toothpick (for applying glue).

Some kind of wired greenery. Sorry, not sure where I found this - probably at a show. Check in craft stores.

Also not pictured here: gloss Mod Podge, or other varnish.

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