Colleen's Painted Lady about 2/3's done

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Colleen's Painted Lady about 2/3's done

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Yeah, I changed my mind on the color choice and decided since I already painted 3 coats (I use Sherwin Williams house paint), I didn't want to change this house - so I sold it on craigslist and bought the same kit to start over again! LOL. I haven't opened the box yet (it's stored flat) - I just bought it this week. I'm keeping it over the weekend so I can decide if I want to keep this one or take it back and get the GL Beacon Hill. I would love to try that one and frankly I like the end result SOOO much better! I think the BH is the prettiest house but am a bit scared to try it because I've only built RGTs products. I tried the Orchid and tossed it out! I did make a Dura Craft house (cape cod I think) but it was for a co-worker - it was her kit. That was a nightmare because the box had been opened and the parts warped. Yeah, no thanks on any future opened box projects! Give me NIB only!

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How exciting to see it come together. Great job. I am really looking forward to having the Painted Lady for myself. Thanks for posting the pic.

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