42   Boys Bed

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42 Boys Bed

Still in love with this paper. Long story with the bedspread (which I think matches fabulously with the sock monkey paper). One year, instead of a trophy, my son received a full-sized blanket for playing football. The embroidery on it was dead center and had the league info and logo and blah blah. Anyway, for whatever reason, it was outside in our backyard (probably to shake off dog hair) when my husband decided to cut up our Christmas tree and burn it up in our grill, a piece at a time (let's just not even get into the stupidity of that). I come home from the grocery store to find no one out back and the grass on fire heading straight towards 1) the gas line coming into the house and 2) the rest of the Christmas tree. After a good Texas yell, men came a flying to turn on the outside water to put out the fire. In the meantime, I had grabbed the blanket to try and smother some of the flames heading towards the gas line. The beautiful end to the story is that even though 90% of the blanket was charred or melted, I was able to salvage the embroidered part. It seemed like exactly the right size for a dollhouse comforter.

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