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candle holder

I placed two wooden candle holders for the kitchen at Primrose, Thomas and Pandulph came to have a look around...and were quite happy that works are going on.

The candle holders were scratch built by me and because i wished to have the on the side walls, it was necessary to drive the wirings to the back of the house along a plastic pipe inserted within the wall; it was also necessary to hide the two wires coming out from the candle: I did a groove on the bottom side of the holder, then, to keep the wires in position and hide them completely, I added a triangular support.

The bulb could be changed in case of fault but it is so small that when the house will be completed this will be almost impossible so, please keep your finger crossed with me Thomas and Pandulph

And now few words about the candle: I bought some micro bulbs and their ceramic sockets which were too thin to look right so i inserted the socket into a white plastic pipe and addred few drops of PVA glue all around the top to resemble the wax flowing down...a thin strip of lead was added to the base of the candle.

Probably picture will give more sense to my description

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Primrose House (1:24 scale, tudor era)

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oh this is wonderful.... I wish I had thought to drip "wax" on my Tudor candles I made for my Nottingham.... this looks great

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