the external wall: overall view

29 images in Primrose House (1:24 scale, tudor era)

the external wall: overall view

the entrance is now completed, of course the ceiling will come at a later stage of the building process but the room is already there: a severe tudor panelled room or, at least, as I imagine it could be.

Being the third wall also an external wall, I had to detail the outside, experimenting different textures, finally i got the one which I consider acceptable scale

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Primrose House (1:24 scale, tudor era)

  • 29 images


Again looks great, what did you use for the window grids?

Thank you Debora; the grid? nothing special indeed, it is a photocopy of a grid pattern on a trasparent sheet, the type used at the office for projectors, then, to give more stability, I put the grid in between two thicker acetate layers.

The multilayer " glass" is kept in place by the two wooden frames (internal and external) of the window.

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