Vintage farmhouse bathroom - right side

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Vintage farmhouse bathroom - right side

The pipe included with the bathroom kit would have made the wall sink too low, so I used a spare pipe I purchased from Sussex Crafts. It also bothered the realist in me that there was no way for the water to get to the taps. So, I added two lines of aluminum tubing from the sink to the floor.

I added tiny washers for these new pipes as well as little valve knobs so grandma can turn off the water in an emergency. :D I know these are typically oval, but all I could find were round ones in my box of watch parts. I drilled holes into the aluminum tubing and glued them in place with super glue gel. It might not be up to code, but I love the way it looks!

The medicine cabinet is also from the Chrysnbon kit. I painted it with Krylon Almond in satin finish. I like that it matches somewhat but I didn't want a glossy finish to compete with the sink. The hinges and knob are painted with Liquitex Iridescent Bronze. The wall sconces are Chrysolite kits, though I left off the reflectors. I painted the brass parts of the sconces copper to match the bathroom colors and switched out the included wires for replaceable bulb sockets.

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The details you add are just fantastic, that's why it all looks so real. Lets just hope poor grandma doesn't have a need for the water shut offs!

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Amazing detail ... I did laugh at you putting in the water pipes ... :)

It's a great bathroom.

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