Vintage farmhouse bathroom

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Vintage farmhouse bathroom

The bathroom is one of two rooms on the second floor of The Haunted Heritage. It's a small room but just right for an old farmhouse.

Two major structural changes were made to this room. First, the outside wall on the left originally had a swinging window. I eliminated this window when I removed the bay window on the first floor to make room for the fireplace and chimney. I replaced the swinging window with a small round window to keep some light flowing into the room.

The second modification involved the front dormer window. Since I made changes to the ceiling height in the parlor below, the dormer had to be modified from the original kit instructions. It's similar but is even with the floor in my version.

The bird and bee design by Flora for the bathroom window really sets the room apart. After Flora graciously permitted me to use her artwork, I edited the image in PhotoShop, turning the bird more grey and removing all stray spots. The white in the bird wouldn't print on transparency and any spots would be magnified in this small scale. I bumped up the coloration since printing on transparency usually results in some color loss. Beautiful.

I built a Chrysnbon bathroom kit to furnish the room. I also used some Chrysnbon bath accessories.

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This room is so perfect! I really love all the details, like the hook and hanger on the back of the door:)

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This bathroom is pure perfection, everything works to a T! [ love your wall and floor coverings]

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