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    • vbharrington

      So much to do, so little time.  If I had a super power, it would be to not need sleep.  Right now I need to finish writing lesson plans, I want to work on my travel trailer, I would like to get started on my swaps.  I have a meeting at church in 30 minutes, and my oldest son's 19th birthday party/super bowl party is set to begin at 5:30.  I guess I need to get off the internet and get going.
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    • ravensrook

      I would first like to thank everyone for the suggestions on distressing "LadyRaven" .  whew these stairs are wicked.  have finished the frame, R and P the first floor stairs and began to put them together and has taken me several days to put them together.  need to work on the glue..sticky fingers.  I have a few more treads to put on then I am going to try and put stair runners and the little gold rods in/on before I squish the stairs in.  it seems to be a really tight squeeze to maneuver the first floor stairs in....anyone else have this issue?
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    • CamperKate  »  Myangela

      Love love your Orchid bash. I am new to this forum but not to constructing. I'm on my third Orchid....this one is for me and I want to bash away at this one. Can you tell me what wood you used for the base and main structure additions, and what tools you used for cutting. Thanks!
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    • JustCallMeAnna

      I think I've gone off the deep end!
      I'm having a custom cabinet built for the Dura-Craft Victorian. I don't know if I should be ashamed of myself or overly ecstatic that I've gotten my other half to accept the fact that I'm keeping it!
      · 2 replies
      1. Dalesq

        I think a custom cabinet is perfectly appropriate... Our houses hold a special place in our lives, why not show them off? And it's bonus that your other half is on board! :) 

      2. JustCallMeAnna

        We went to Lowes to pick up lumber to build a cabinet, but he got fussy (he just hasn't managed to see what I have envisioned in my head and me trying to explain only frustrates him)... so he shimmied me next door to a furniture maker!

        I'm not sure if he's on board because he drove three hours (one way) to pick it up for me and realizes it's too big for my purpose in houses for the  Children's Home (that placed my father) or because it's a losing battle to argue with me!

    • Missymew  »  glen

      Miss our talks.
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