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    • M  »  minilover62

      I do have one, brand new in box, I had bought it and kept it preserved, and had it shipped to me. I was very excited and googled about it and found your post. Sounds like you were really set on it. I'd be willing to sell it to you. All pieces are there in perfect condition with unopened wrapping. The box is older and faded. Let me know if you are still wanting to buy it.
      · 1 reply
      1. minilover62

        Thanks Michelle, Good luck finding a new home for this kit. Happy Holidays!

    • kellyannmo

      Oh dear.... the GIANT Stonehurst Tower by Earth and Tree arrived yesterday.... what the heck am I gonna do with this one! (creative ideas are flowin' that's for sure)
      · 8 replies
      1. MikeUK

        Don't upset yourself......send it over here!

      2. kellyannmo

        Hee hee.... you would do amazing things with it Mike :)

        (I thinnnnkkk I will keep it though... wink)

      3. Sable

        My sister's tower in southern France. Due to plumbing issues all the modern bathrooms are stacked in it. 


      4. chapchap73

        Can't wait to see your magic touch on another castle :)

      5. Selkie

        Congratulations!! I adore that kit. Lucky you. I know it will be fabulous when you are done. It's perfect for your signature style.

      6. View All Replies
    • Soapz

      Taking my Worthington apart.... not my idea of fun. While I admit that I wasn't happy with it as it was my first attempt at dollhouses, and I've progressed so much - it is stll kinda sad.......
      · 2 replies
      1. MikeUK

        Know just what you mean Chris and I'm just about to start doing the same with my first build!.........What looked good doesn't look so good anymore so it's makeover time!?

      2. Soapz

        It feels and looks amateurish - definitely makeover time. Although, now I have that wallpaper problem again - I can never make up my mind.....


    • MikeUK

      Hooray.....I got my name back!
      · 3 replies
      1. Anna

        :D yay!

      2. Selkie

        Yay from here too! Now we can find you and your fabulous albums so much easier.

      3. Debra from Olde Cape Cod

        Woo! Hoo!

    • Jitchiwah

      Witch's house really didn't want to be a witch's house after all. Hello pretty colours and gingerbread!
      · 3 replies
      1. Dalesq

        It's always best to let the house have its way :D 

      2. jbnmini

        Yes- because they will just complain and whine until you do!  ;)

      3. Jitchiwah

        Whxih is exactly what it has done for the last 12 months! Lol. Now it's suddenly taking shape and it's a much happier house