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    Welcome to the Greenleaf Gazette!
    Your New and Improved Newsletter
    January 2007

    Dear Miniature Enthusiast,

    Greenleaf is delighted to announce the arrival of the Greenleaf Gazette Newsletter! Each month, the Greenleaf Gazette will bring the latest news and hottest topics in the miniature world right to your inbox. In upcoming issues, you can look forward to informative "how-to" articles about everything from helping a new miniaturist select the right house, to in- depth articles about sophisticated finishing techniques for your miniature home. And the information doesn't stop there! We'll be reviewing new products and exploring techniques that appeal to every skill level of miniaturist. We'll also offer tutorials for making miniature furnishings, fixtures and fancies, and cover topics such as landscaping and working with clay. Each month will also feature the latest information from Dollhouse Universe (the Greenleaf resource library), a Featured Member of the Month from the Greenleaf forum, Quick Tips, an Eye Candy section with selections from our member's galleries, and the "Critter Corner" that spotlights pets who love miniatures too. We're excited about the Gazette, and look forward to talking to you each month!

    Deb Roberts
    Editor in Chief

    So You Want to Build a Dollhouse
    Part 1: Selecting the Right House for You

    It all starts out so innocently. You decide that you want to own a dollhouse, or gift a dollhouse to a special person, so you start looking around at dollhouses and discover that you have the choice of buying a pre-built house or making one yourself. For many people, the first reaction to that choice is “Oh, I could never build a house myself, so I’ll just look at pre-built houses”... and somewhere in the back of your mind, a small voice whispers, “You can build it yourself.” As you continue looking at pre-built houses and discover that the price range is higher and the houses may not have all the customized features you’re looking for, that little voice in the back of your mind becomes stronger until you find yourself saying, “I can build it myself!”

    Full story...

    An Eye for Minis
    Making Miniatures from Ordinary Things

    Miniatures are everywhere if we just develop the habit of looking at things with a mini-eye. As we wander thru day to day life, how often do we see something and think, “Wow, I could turn that into a miniature table... or lamp... or sink... " Sometimes, we just stash them back with the knowledge that inspiration will strike us when we least expect it and we’ll find a use for that clever little whatever-it-is. Family and friends become a bit concerned about our boxes full of little things that we’ve rescued from the trash. Some of them even refuse to go out for a cup of coffee with us because they know we’ll be filling our pockets with coffee stirring sticks or little tubs of jelly. At the fast food places, they know we’re going to the condiment counter because we want the paper cups, not because we care for catsup on our fries. Those little potential minis are everywhere and with a careful eye we can find mini treasures no matter where we go.

    Full story...

    Encouraging the Next Generation of Miniaturists

    As miniaturists, we love sharing the little world we create and live in, and we’re especially eager to share it with those we love. The past two decades have seen a decline in the popularity of our hobby and sometimes we wonder what the future will hold for miniatures. Will there be a next generation to whom we can pass on our legacy? Will they share the same passion we have? How do we encourage the love of miniatures in our children?

    Full story...

    Our friend Wendy January's Featured Member of the Month - Meet Wenlaine!
    By Teresa Martens

    Wendy (wenlaine) has been a member of the Greenleaf Miniature Community since May 28, 2005. With 1,642 posts (and counting) she has provided support, encouragement and inspiration to many of us.

    Wendy got her start in the miniature world by taking a floral design course in 2004. One of her projects was to create three floral arrangements in different time periods and they could be no larger than three inches. Not knowing what to do with the ‘miniature’ arrangements, she wondered on a way to display them. That’s when she came up with the idea to build a dollhouse and took on the ‘Beacon Hill’ as her first project. She wasn’t able to use the floral arrangements in the house, nonetheless she was hooked!

    Read more about Wendy...

    January's Quick Tip!

    When you begin removing house pieces from the wood sheet, put all the pieces for individual windows into envelopes or zip lock baggies and label each one with the window name or number. When you’re ready to install the windows, you won’t have to search for each little piece. The same practice works well for staircases and window boxes.

    The Critter Corner!
    Who's pet's doing what

    One of the only limitations that cats experience is the lack of opposable thumbs. This causes a great deal of feline frustration when they have to wait for their human to build their dream house for them. Webster must have the perfect "please build this for me" look because we hear Blondie, his human friend, is making wonderful progress on Webster's Beacon Hill.

    We would like to congratulate Webster as our first "Pet Friend of the Month" which entitles him to a $25 gift certificate at PetSmart! We will contact your human friend with the details.


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