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    Making Minis on a Budget!
    May 2008

    Creating Mossy Effects
    By Tracy Topps

    Dollhouse Moss

    Materials needed:
    Coarse turf in light and dark green
    Tacky glue or other glue that dries clear

    You start off by adding some white glue to areas where you would like to add that extra special overgrown feeling.

    How to make Dollhouse Moss

    Then you add your moss to it. I like to use different colors (light green and dark green mixed together)

    Mossy Dollhouse

    I love to add them around stones and I just run a line of tacky glue around the stone design:

    Dollhouse Moss ideas

    Then I add the mossy mix to it.

    Dollhouse Moss

    This is a wonderful way to add life and realism plus a little a splash of magic to a dollhouse setting.  Coarse turf is available at most hobby stores and is very inexpensive.

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