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    Waiting for the Winners
    May 2010

    Dear Miniature Enthusiast,

    As I'm writing this, the deadline for the Spring Fling 2010 is just days away and miniaturists all over the world are putting the finishing touches on their creations. There's been a lot of excitement and quite a few hints dropped as well as good natured teasing going on in the contest discussion thread. Everyone is on pins and needles as we await the judge's decision which will be announced the second week in June. There will be a special gallery added to the contest section of the Greenleaf galleries but if you watch the member's galleries after the 31st, you'll probably see a lot of entries popping up in sneak previews there as the participants show off their creations. It's an exciting time and I can't wait to see what everyone has done!

    The other exciting news is the release of the half scale laser cut dollhouse kits! We're hearing chatter already from people who have gotten their kits already and are loving every second of working with the laser cut kits in such a cool scale. Some of our favorite builders are already offering tips and techniques for building in half scale and locating furnishings and accessories. We're looking forward to seeing these tiny beauties when they're completed. Don't miss out on the latest and greatest in the miniature world! Pop on over to Greenleaf and pick up a half scale house of your own.

    Deb Roberts
    Editor in Chief

    Miniature Kimono and StandMiniature Kimono and Stand
    By Deb Roberts

    Japanese kimonos are truly works of art and in keeping with the practice of combining storage with beautiful home décor; the kimono was often displayed openly in the home. This miniature kimono can be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand.

    Full Story...

    Mini Photography TipsMini Photography Tips
    By Deb Roberts

    One of the best things about the age of the internet is that miniaturists have the opportunity to get together and share their creations, ideas, tips and techniques. We inspire one another when we see the beautiful dollhouses and miniatures our friends have made and we delight in sharing our own creations with others. Digital photography is what makes it possible to show and tell with others.

    Full Story...

    Landscaping Brandaen DollhouseLandscaping the Gris Gris house: Part 3
    By Brandaen Jones

    This is the last chapter in the Gris Gris house I hope that it was helpful and gave ideas out there to everyone.

    Full story...

    May Member of the Month - Meet Sherry!Member of the Month - Meet Sherry!
    By Heidi Cleveland

    I would love to introduce you to our May Member of the Month, Sherry. Sherry has been a member of the Greenleaf forums since November 16, 2008. I love to talk to Sherry. I also love to look at her eye candy. She has a great sense of color and furniture placement.

    Read more about Sherry...

    These choppers ain't just for eating mice! The Critter Corner!
    New Tool in the Dollhouse World - The Kitty Clamp!

    Finding clamps to hold things in place while the glue dries can be a tricky task. Llyn seems to have solved the puzzle of how to get fence posts to stay in place by assigning the job to Nikki. Here we see Nikki diligently at work, holding the fence post straight and in perfect alignment. Good job Nikki!

    Actually, we're just assuming that Nikki is being helpful and this is not another case of "cat eats dollhouse". We'll give Nikki the benefit of the doubt that she's devoted to helping her human build dollhouses.

    Thanks to Llyn (LLyn M.) and Muis for sharing such a cute picture with us. They’ll receive a $25 gift card from Petsmart for being featured in this month’s Critter Corner. Edit by Dean: Hope they have a Petsmart in the Netherlands or we'll find a similar store.

    If you'd like to submit your pet's picture for consideration for the Critter Corner, you can upload pictures in the "Good Pets acting bad!" or "Good Pets acting cute!" galleries at the Greenleaf Forum.


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