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    Springing and Flinging and Bears, Oh My!
    April/May 2011

    The Collector`s Cabinet
    By Heidi Cleveland

    Collector's Cabinaet

    This month in the Collector`s cabinet, I would like to introduce you to three wonderful miniaturists and their most favorite miniatures. You will get to see some lovelies from Jennifer (Madhatter), Beverly (Starfire), and Marie (Beth2).
    Jennifer says that her Windsor chair is by far her favorite dollhouse piece she owns. It is most likely made by an artist as its quality and patina are amazing. You can move this chair into so many settings and it works. Jennifer does not own many pieces of miniature furniture so she tries to find good quality ones. She seems to like a mini when it looks old and worn. She purchased this herself online for it to reside in her Hobbit House. It has not become indispensable to her as a prop for her pictures. She has been searching for quite some time for a nice Windsor chair that she could afford. She wanted it to be well made with a vintage look. She feels that sometimes these little items we own express hidden things about us. Hers would by her love of the old and vintage.


    Collector's Cabinaet 

    Beverly`s most prized miniature possession is the recreation of Elrond`s Library and the various pieces that accessorize it based upon the movie set from The Lord of the Rings movie. It is a long term project and she has been collecting things for the past four years. To date, she has created some parts of the building including the Statue Tower that forms part of the terrace from the movie. She has also completed the sculpture of the Narsil Statue and she has commissioned several other accessories that will furnish and give character to the final build. She is trying to be as accurate as possible. Some of the things she built herself. Others she commissioned from several artisans such as Nantasy Fantasy, Acorns by Oak, Gerd Felka, and David Curd.  She has always wanted to do something different that was just for her. When she saw the movie and the set for the library, she knew that was something she had to recreate. Beverly thinks this project says something about her love for the unusual and the challenging efforts to accomplish something. It keeps her brain active and busy, something that has been somewhat limited since she retired.

    Collector's Cabinaet

    I cajoled Marie into showing us her favorite miniature. She felt that she did not have the same caliber of miniatures as others in the forum. I told her tish tosh! Everybody`s miniatures are special because they are special to you. She took her time but finally decided on the Bridal Shoppe. She bought it at Lolly`s in Elgin, IL. It was two separate pieces. She was not sure what she was going to do with it when she brought it home. Since she had already created the Bride that is in the window, she decided it would be a Bridal Shoppe. She made all the clothing that you see inside the shop. She makes 18 inch dolls so working in the smaller scale was a challenge. Marie enjoys sewing but on such small people it can be hard. She picks up hats wherever she can find small enough ones. Then she adds the lace, feathers and ribbons to complete their prettiness. Everything in the shop is Marie`s creation except for the heads and the dress forms.

    Collector's Cabinaet

    hope you enjoyed this installment of the Collector`s Cabinet. I know I did!

    Happy Spring!!

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