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    Springing and Flinging and Bears, Oh My!
    April/May 2011

    The Name Game
    By Deb Roberts

    Which Dollhouse?

    It’s that time again!  Not only do we do a lot of ‘Flinging this time of year, but it’s also the time of year when we play The Name Game.   The object of the game is easy—look at the picture and see if you can guess the name of the Greenleaf/Corona Concept house where the room or feature belongs.  For extra fun, see if you can guess the name of the forum member who built the house.   The answers are at the bottom of the page.
    Ready.  Set.  GO!!

    1.  Name this Dollhouse!

    2.  Name this Dollhouse!

    3.  Name this Dollhouse!

    4.  Name this Dollhouse!

    5.  Name this Dollhouse!

    6.  Name this Dollhouse!

    7.  Name this Dollhouse!


    9.  Name this Dollhouse!

    10.  Name this Dollhouse!

    11.  Name this Dollhouse!

    12.  Name this Dollhouse!

    13.  Name this Dollhouse!

    14.  Name this Dollhouse!

    15.  Name this Dollhouse!


      1. The Lily by jenspec.
      2. The Sugarplum by WykedWood
      3. The Buttercup by Hollyclyff
      4. The Tennyson by Violet2Dawn
      5. The Glencroft by Tracy Topps
      6. The Half Scale Rosedale by Alamom
      7. The Pierce by Elsbeth
      8. The Brimbles Mercantile by Deb
      9. The Half Scale Lighthouse by What2craftnow
      10. The Half Scale Chantilly by Audra
      11. The Arthur by Fov
      12. The McKinley by Bluebear
      13. The Storybook Cottage by Tracy Topps
      14. The Beacon Hill by Anya
      15. The Loganberry Mill by Intrinsicat

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