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    Greenleaf Rocks Your Mini World
    July 2007

    Rustic Rock Wall Tutorial
    By Deb Roberts

    The Rock Wall

    An option for stonework in minis is using real stones!  Follow along as we construct a rustic river rock wall perfect for your mini home, garden or park.

    Materials needed:

    For wall:
    Small river pebbles
    Styrafoam form cut to desired size
    Spackling compound
    Coarse Turf
    Tacky Glue

    For finished landscaping:
    Sheet of mdf, sized to your preference
    Coffee grounds
    Coarse turf
    Spray glue
    Hot glue gun
    Rolling pin
    Spray clear lacquer
    Plants, fencing and decorative items for finished yard

    This wall can be used in landscaping, but the same principle works for creating rock fireplaces, chimneys, house foundations, etc.  Start by mixing your spackling compound with the acrylic paint color of your choice.   Select a color that will represent the grout between the stones.  Mix the paint with the spackling to the consistency of frosting.

    The Rock Wall

    Cut your styrafoam form to the desired size and shape.  Spread the spackling mixture onto the form, working with small areas at one time.  The spackle will become stiff fairly quickly and you want to be able to press the rocks down into it to get the effect of grouting.  Place your rocks as close together as possible.

    The Rock Wall

    Continue working till you have one side finished and allow the spackle to harden enough to handle without dislodging the rocks.

    The Rock Wall

    Flip the pieces over and repeat the same process on the other side.  Allow to dry.

    The Rock Wall

    Finally, apply the rocks to the sides and top, rounding the edges for a natural look.

    The Rock Wall

    Set the wall pieces aside and let the spackle dry overnight before applying the moss to the crevices.

    If you’re going to be placing the wall in a landscaping scene, this is a good time to prepare your base.  The possibility for landscaping is endless but for an example, we’ll demonstrate a mossy landscape.

    Paint your sheet of mdf dark brown as a base.   (Note:  sheets of cardboard can be used, but your rock wall is going to be very heavy, so a sheet of mdf or plywood is recommended)  

    The Rock Wall

    Using spray glue, (in a well ventilated area of course) coat the sheet liberally and then sprinkle on coffee grounds.  Use a rolling pin to tamp down the coffee grounds, then gently tip the board and tap off the excess.

    The Rock Wall

    Spray the surface of the coffee grounds with glue, then sprinkle on the coarse turf.  Use rolling pin to tamp down, then tap off excess.  Spray the surface with clear lacquer.  This not only seals the turf, but it gives a dewy appearance to the moss.  Allow to dry overnight.

    The Rock Wall

    Now that the spackling mixture has dried and set, you can apply the coarse turf to the crevices between the stones.   Using a toothpick, apply tacky glue to the stones and grout, then sprinkle on the coarse turf.  Use your finger to tamp it down and then gently tap off the excess.   Mount the walls to your landscaping base using a hot glue gun.

    The Rock Wall
    Embellishments after this step are almost endless.   A wrought iron fence and gate to create a park or yard is a nice look, or you can continue the rock wall to fully enclose the area.    Trees, plants, flowers, decorative items and other accessories can be added to create the look you desire.  This can be used as a stand-alone piece such as a churchyard cemetery or a park, or connected to a house for a rustic yard. 

    The Rock Wall

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