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    Welcome to the Greenleaf Gazette!
    Have a Merry "Little" Christmas!
    November 2008

    Making an Evergreen Holiday Tree
    By Corwin

    Treee trimming time!

    Today we will make a Christmas tree.  This of course can also be used in landscaping.  You will need:

    Tweezers (optional)
    A small disposable container (optional)
    Glue (I used Aleans tacky but white glue is fine)
    A bag or paper as this can get messy
    A tree from a Christmas village scene or model rail road store
    Lycopodium (you should be able to find this at t he dried flowers section of your craft store, or online.)

    Evergreen Holiday Tree


    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    If the tree is flocked, take off the snow with pliers.  I found one without snow at the dollar store.  Trim the tree if necessary.

    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    Next take your Lycopodium and break down to smaller pieces.  They will be trimmed later but they can be stretched out more this way.

    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    Take the glue and pour a small bit in the disposable container.  Dip the Lycopodium in it and place in your tree, overlaying the existing branch.  You can use tweezers to place it in the tree if you wish.

    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    Layer it accordingly and take care not to make it too bulky.   You can trim as you go but for a more uniform appearance wait till you are almost at the top.

    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    Now you trim the edges. The tweezers come in handy for the top.

    Evergreen Holiday Tree

    All done!!! Now for Christmas ornaments,

    For garlands you can use spare jewellery chain, even bunka or small ribbon! For tinsel garlands use metallic pipe cleaners.  Balls and baubles can be made from beads, necklaces or jewellery finding, or you can get those nail jewels and stick two of them together with a bit of string between.  Small stickers can also be used. Look for those angels at Michaels sold in a pack of six and glue them to the tree top.

    Candy canes and the like can be made from striped paper clips cut and the end dipped in paint to cover up the wire, You can also cut off the back half of the tree like I did here or a even use a quarter tree for vignettes, small rooms or shadow boxes.   Just trim away that portion of the tree. The most important thing to add is your imagination, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!

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