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    Welcome to the Greenleaf Gazette!
    Finding Hope and Healing in Miniatures
    MAY/JUN 2012

    June Member of the Month - Meet ChapChap73 (Sarah)
    by Heidi Cleveland

    Congrats Sarah!

    We have had a glorious start to summer here in the Northeast this year. I wish it would stay like this all summer long, but I know that the heat and humidity of July and August are just around the corner. Not a good time for gluing your houses together but it could be a good time to organize your supplies, think of new ideas for some fabulous miniatures to create or even some miniature housekeeping. If you are lucky to have full use of air conditioning, then you go glue away!

    I would love to introduce you to one of our nicest members of the forum, ChapChap73 aka Sarah. Sarah has been a member of the Greenleaf forums since December 18, 2010. She does lovely work and I wanted to learn more about her. 

    Congrats Sarah!

    Sarah lives in Long Island, NY and her profession is a homemaker. She and I both know that being a homemaker means you have a huge job every single day. She lives with her hubby of 17 years and their two sons, 15 yrs and 12 yrs. They live in a multi-generational household that also includes her parents, two dogs, a couple parakeets and a fish pond.

    Her first dollhouse was one that her father built for her when she was a young girl. It was made with a rough plywood shell with whole saw cuts for windows. She loved it! Sarah used wallpaper scraps, contact paper, and real life carpet remnants for decorating the interior. She says that it died sometime in her teen years. She still always loved miniature scenes and she was able to visit a local miniature store to get her fix. She loved to go in there and dream. When her oldest son was a baby, she ordered an HBS catalog out of the back of a magazine. There was no real internet to speak of at the time. She kept that catalog for many years. She finally received her first house at Christmas 2010. It would not be the last.

    Congrats Sarah!

    Sarah enjoys all aspects of miniatures and dollhouses. The act of building the house is much more fun for her than decorating. She took her first kit and inspected it top to bottom so she could see what she had and decide what she was going to do. It actually changed direction halfway through the building process. Her favorite part of building is the small details. She feels that getting the correct molding and flooring makes the whole design mesh. She says that she changed the floor three times in her *big house* before it was finished. She dislikes that it takes oh so long for the glue to dry before you can get to the next step because she can’t wait to see how it comes out. When she starts to read a book, she wants to read it all the way through. However, she feels the same way with miniatures and dollhouses. She feels she is fortunate that she has to wait because if she barreled through, she might make oodles of mistakes.

    Congrats Sarah!

    Sarah says that when her first dollhouse came in the mail that she was so happy and excited that she literally had to pinch herself to make sure it was not a dream. Thanks to the GL forums she was able to make that dream a reality. She was browsing online trying to decide which kind of house to purchase as her first when she stumbled upon the Greenleaf site and before you knew it, she became a member. She says she never regretted stumbling upon us for one second. I am glad you decided to stay, Sarah.

    Congrats Sarah!

    Sarah has many miniature dreams but the biggest one is to travel to England one day to see the Queen`s dollhouse. She has a book about it and she has read it over and over again. Another trip she would love to make is to Chicago. She wants to see the Thorne Rooms and Colleen Moore`s Fairy Castle. She has never ever been to a miniature show so that will be on her agenda one day soon also. Sarah would love to learn how to electrify her houses. There are so many pretty lights out there!

    Sarah has much planned for the rest of 2012. She plans on making an inroad into her stash. She is also entering her very first contest, our very own Spring Fling. She is also thinking she might give the HBS contest a try. She thinks the idea of ever having to give up one of her dollhouses is terrible. She doesn’t even want to think of it. Most of them are still kits but she doesn’t even want to contemplate that idea. She did say that is she was pinned down and tickled into submission; she would keep her first house, the Vermont Jr. She says that it is big enough to be changed into so many different things.

    Congrats Sarah!

    Sarah`s advice to budding miniaturists is to relax, have fun, and read all that you can about miniatures. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Someone out there will have a bit of advice or an idea that you would not have thought of yourself.   You can see more of Sarah’s work in her gallery here.

    Thank you Sarah. For participating as the Member of the Month, you will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Greenleaf Store. 

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