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    Welcome to the Greenleaf Gazette!
    Autumn Minis and Special Treasures!
    October 2008

    Magical Cane
    By Anna Magnusson

    What you will need:

    I use fabric paint or 3-dimensional paint (colors of your choice, but I use a few different shades of brown, copper, grey, etc).  You’ll also need wire, a wire cutter, some neat beads and/or marbles, and two band-aids.  The wires need to have some flexibility in them.

    I start with cutting my lengths of wire, approximately somewhere around 2-3 inches long, 8-9 pieces for one cane. When I have cut my wire it is time to put on those band-aids! LOL!  I wrap one around my right index finger and one around my right thumb to prevent wearing out the skin.

    I take two or three pieces of wire and start twisting them around themselves but leave slightly less than an inch at the top.  I do that so that I have three "stems" like this.
    If I wanted to make a walking cane, I would make all of the wire I cut almost the same length and twist together adding an angle at the top.

    When I have all three sets of twisted wire I twist those three pieces together, leaving the "crown" part open and twist them as tight as possible all the way down to the bottom. I can also bend the "branch" to make it look gnarly and old.

    When I am happy with the shape of my branch I "paint" it all the way around with the 3-dimensional paint. Apply liberally all over, as this is what hides the twisted wire beneath the surface.

    A clamp like this comes in handy when it needs to dry.  Allow it to sit over night as this kind of paint takes time to dry.

    Time to paint, and then allow that to dry as well.

    When the paint is dry you can take your bead/marble and sort of nest it inside the top branches/twigs, making a small nest so it will sit loosely in there.

    You are done with your magical cane!

    You can also make a tree using the same technique. You just need to make lots more branches prior to weaving them together.

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