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    Miniatures That Chase Away the Winter Blues!
    February 2008

    Sleek and Shiny Bed
    By Deb Roberts

    Miniature Bed

    A modern house needs a modern bed and something sleek and shiny might just be what you’re looking for.  It’s easy to make a modern bed with just a few simple supplies and a little creativity.

    Supplies needed:
    One cd cut in half
    One small box (an HOM box bottom works perfect)
    Two fabrics of your choice
    Piece of soft foam or folded quilt batting
    Tacky glue or a hot glue gun
    Liquid starch
    Sewing pins

    Miniature Bed

    Cut the foam or batting to fit the top of the box and then cut the fabric you wish to use for the mattress.  The easiest way to do that is to lay the foam on the piece of fabric and then cut the fabric about two inches away from each edge.  Fold the edges of the fabric over the foam (hospital corners work well) and glue into place.  You can use tacky glue and pin it down until the glue dries or just use a hot glue gun.  All the gluing is done where it can’t be seen so you don’t have to worry about it being pretty.   Repeat the same steps to cover the box.

    Miniature Bed

    Now you can simply glue the mattress in place on top of the box. 

    Miniature Bed

    A cd half makes a great headboard and is fairly easy to cut with an EZ cutter or by scoring it with an exacto blade till it can be broken on the scored line.  (be sure and wear eye protection when you do in case small shards fly off)   Then glue the cd in place as the headboard.

    Miniature Bed

    Take your second piece of fabric (I used a coordinating piece with a tiny pinstripe) and cut it large enough to drape over both sides and the end of the bed.   Put the bed on a piece of cardboard and then position the second piece of fabric as a bedspread or sheet.  I like a rumpled look to a modern bed………let’s face it, most people don’t have time to make their bed every morning and a rumpled bed gives a live-in look.  Once you have the exact look of draping, rumpling or fussiness that you desire, use pins to hold it all in place.

    Miniature Bed

    Mix liquid starch with water; about a half and half solution.   Using a soft brush or sponge, dab the starch onto the fabric.  Be careful not to use too heavy a hand with the brush or sponge because that will flatten out your draping.  A light dabbing motion will coat the fabric without pushing it flat.

    Leave the bed overnight for the starch to dry.  After it has dried thoroughly, remove the pins.  With a sharp pair of scissors, trim the edges of the fabric.  That will remove any frayed edging or threads, as well as give the finishing touch to the fabric shape. 

    Place small dots of glue on the bed frame where it can’t be seen to hold the bedspread onto the bed.

    To create a pillow for the bed, cut a rectangle of fabric to fit the width of the bed.  Fold it in half and glue the edges together, leaving the top open.  After the glue has dried, turn the pillowcase inside out and stuff it with cotton.  Fold the edges under and glue or blind-stitch the ends shut. 

    Miniature Bed

    There’s your bed!  Sleek and shiny and perfect for your modern bedroom!

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