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    Welcome to the Greenleaf Gazette!
    This,that and a sweetheart of a deal!
    JAN/FEB 2012

    Guess That House!
    By Deb Roberts

    Guess that dollhouse!

    It’s been awhile since we’ve played our favorite game, “Guess That House”, so it’s time to warm up the Pixilator and test your dollhouse knowledge.  Here’s how the game works:  we’ll show a picture of a small portion of a house exterior, interior, or factory feature and you get to see if you can guess which Greenleaf or Corona Concept dollhouse kit it is.  The answers and scores are at the bottom of the page but don’t peek!  If you do, the Dollhouse Fairy will visit your house and put wrinkles in all your wallpaper.

    Ready?   Let’s go!


      Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    Guess that dollhouse!


    1.  The Front Opening Gloucester by Wenlaine
    2.  The Miniature Travel Trailer by Browntown1100
    3.  The Lily by Monica The Haunted
    4.  The Westville by Little House Fan
    5.  The Rosedale by Deb
    6.  The Diana by Biomom
    7.  The Half Scale Chantilly by What2craftnow
    8.  The Glencroft by Kellyannmo
    9.  The Storybook Cottage by MinisOnTheEdge
    10.  The McKinley by Bluebear

    How did you do?  Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add it all up for your total score.

    10-30 Novice Builder: Spend some time in the Greenleaf Gallery to study up on eye candy and become an expert in no time!

    31-60 Dollhouse Initiate: You’re rapidly becoming obsessed, er, I mean, familiar with the most of the best dollhouses ever built.

    61-90 Miniature Expert: You probably own at least three or four of the houses pictured here and have the rest of them in boxes under your bed.

    91-100 Dollhouse Devotee: You’re a walking dollhouse encyclopedia and can recognize a dollhouse by the shape of its window frame or porch railing. Not only have you built most of them, but you’ve helped others so much that you can recite the building steps in your sleep. You have sawdust in your hair, paint under your fingernails and we love you!!




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