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    September 2007

    September's Featured Member of the Month - Meet Anna
    By Teresa Martens

    Spooky Ghost

    Anna (Anna) has been a member of the Greenleaf Miniature Community since May 29, 2005.  She is a teacher and enjoys sharing miniatures with her students and often works them into her lessons.  With 3,452 posts (and counting!) Anna shares with us her talent for making miniature items as well as her love of travel.  And to top it all off she lives in Sweden!

    Anna’s parents remember their daughter as always creating scenes with her dolls or with ‘cuddly’ hedgehogs in the garden or fairies in the woods.  At the age of 18 she received a room box to build and also kitchen items to decorate with from her future in-laws.  This set her love of miniatures off in a big way.  She was fortunate enough to live in a city that had both a craft store and an actual doll house shop.  Unfortunately, she moved and left the shops behind.

    Anna finds the whole process of miniatures very rewarding.  She loves to get that challenge/idea/must-create feeling and then to plan, plot and try until she gets it to sort of look like the picture she had in her mind’s eye.  “One thing that is hard to beat”, she says, “is when one is opening up a new box with a house kit in it.  The chatter that goes on while doing it is so much fun!”  She always sits with a sketch pad at the ready to fill up with ideas, scribbles and tiny diagrams of how to make this, that or the other thing.  She is intrigued by real life objects that can be used in creating miniatures in some way.

    What doesn’t Anna like about mini-ing?  That time is limited and that one needs to get some sleep in between!

    When asked what her favorite project is, she has a tough time.  All the houses she has around her are special to her.  The Chantilly was her first house, but they are just starting to talk with one another after some years of silence.  There is the Aster that her husband chose for her to build as Santa’s Cottage, which she adores.  There is also the Primrose she made into a modern office for her brother-in-law.  Then there is the Sugarplum at her parent-in-law’s so that she always has a project to work on when visiting them without having to haul breakables back and forth.  The Sugarplum is going to be a vet’s clinic which will be a tribute to the great vet who treated their little furbaby ‘Trixie’ when she was really ill and gave them another couple of years together.

    Anna says she’s a bit ‘butterfly-like’ when asked to pick a favorite because she loves them all.  However, that being said, the pearl in her group right now is her Gloucester (who she fondly refers to as ‘Her Highness’).  The Gloucester is all for being pampered and is very strong-willed, but she has been very pleasant to work with as long as Anna follows her ideas!

    Anna’s goals include spending time with ‘Her Highness’ and getting her shops ready for business.  She also wants to get the Aster Cottage together with lights and landscaping around it in time for the holidays.  Oh, and there’s a little secret she has in store, but she’s not ready to share it yet!  My lips are sealed!

    Anna is currently working on a witchy tower she is building from scratch.  She is putting in all the loose ends, such as gory details in time for the fall season and for Halloween.  She loves a good haunt!  She’s also working on the Gloucester that will hold six shops in it.  You can view her blog here and then there’s the Aster Cottage which will be home for Santa and all her pet items.

    When asked if she has any advice to share, Anna says, “to avoid getting glue on your keyboard, if one tends to go back and forth between mini-ing and catching up on the computer, apply Saran Wrap and keep baby wipes next to it as well”.

    Anna enjoys creating spooky and witchy minis the best.  She also loves making readable mini-books and plans to have nothing but readable books in the bookstore in ‘Her Highness’ (the Gloucester).  She also can’t resist making pet shop items because they’re just so darn cute.  She’s one of those people who can get possessed with an idea and feels compelled to create it in mini and work her fingers to the bones in order to get it made.  Unfortunately, many times she has no where to put what she’s just made!

    As our ‘Featured Member of the Month’, Anna will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the ‘Greenleaf Store’.  Congratulations, Anna!

    Written by Teresa Martens
    September, 2007

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